ticoba is a well-known institute in Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) that offers various therapies for mental health. Apart from the traditional therapies like psychotherapy, drama therapy, CBT etc., which are being used as a part of mental health treatment for years, ticoba has a broad spectrum of other therapies such as hypnotherapy, biofeedback training, EMDR therapy etc.

ticoba offers comprehensive counseling services for all age groups and genders. You can find all kinds of therapists here – from career guidance to couple therapy and play therapy.

At ticoba, we believe that the journey of life is always changing. Just like you, your needs and desires will also change with time. And it is our duty to make you aware of these changes so that you can make informed decisions and live a happy life.

Our therapists are trained in various psychotherapies like drama therapy, CBT, bio feedback and EMDR training. They combine their knowledge and expertise to provide the best treatment for each patient. We also provide career guidance services for students and young professionals as well as couples therapy for couples who want to improve their relationship. We also offer play therapy sessions where children can express their emotions freely without any fear of judgment or rejection from others around them.

With over 20 years of experience, ticoba is one of the most trusted names in psychotherapy. We provide a variety of therapies, including drama therapy, CBT, biofeedback, EMDR training, hypnotherapy, career guidance and couple therapy.

Drama Therapy
Bio Feedback
EMDR Training
Scholastic and Career Guidance
Interview Group Discussion Training
Family/Couple Therapy
Behavior Therapy
Play Therapy