Neuropsychological Assessment

Neuropsychological assessment is a process of evaluating a person’s mental health and cognitive abilities. The primary goal of this type of assessment is to determine if there is any cognitive or psychological impairment that may affect the person’s ability to function in society.


Psychologists are trained to help people who have difficulties with their minds, such as learning disabilities or emotional problems. They also work with people who feel they have problems with their emotions or controlling their behavior

Intellectual Disability

Intellectual disability is a condition that affects the learning process in many ways. It can make it difficult for someone to learn how to read or write well enough that they can understand what they are reading or writing about.

Psycho-Diagnostic Assessment

Psycho-diagnostic assessment refers to the evaluation by a psychiatrist or psychologist who determines whether an individual has any mental illness or disorders that should be treated using medication or counseling techniques rather than through treatment alone (The American Psychiatric Association).


Aptitude Tests are tests that help assess a person’s cognitive ability by measuring their intellectual capacity as compared to others’ scores on similar tests. Aptitude testing can be used for screening purposes to determine if a person requires further evaluation before beginning employment or some other activity where he/she might need special knowledge or skills