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Psycological Care For Everyone Who Needs!

Mental health is more important now than ever before. Our emotional, psychological, and social well-being are all part of our mental health. It has an impact on how we think, feel, and act. It also influences how we deal with stress, interact with people, and make good decisions. Mental health is essential throughout life, from childhood and adolescence to adulthood.

It is critical to maintain positive mental health and treat any mental health disorders in order to stabilize constructive behaviours, emotions, and thoughts. Focusing on mental health care can boost productivity, improve our self-image, and strengthen our relationships.

ticoba helps people to identify and get over their problems.

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Dr. Sreelal Aravindan (Director)

M. Phil. M&SP (NIMHANS), PhD

Clinical psychologist

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    For Better Welness & Hope
    What ticoba Offers

    A team of experts and trainers from different strata facilities the planned intervention for the needy people.

    Speech/Language Training

    Destroying  struggles to produce or shape the spoken sounds necessary for interpersonal communication….

    Occupational Therapy

    Helping children of different ages and medical conditions to live a more enriching life. Supporting and empowering children perform their occupation to the fullest potential.

    Special Education

    Enhance student’s capacity to listen, think, talk, write, spell, or perform mathematical calculations.

    Yoga And Meditation
    Yoga is considered one of the oldest forms of exercise and although there are many different styles, from gentle to rigorous, yoga practice generally involves stretching, breathing and a period of deep relaxation or mediation.
    Physiotherapists are medical professionals who specialize in treating injuries and conditions that impact movement. Our Team Gives You Personalized Care. In a Warm, Welcoming Environment.
    Our patient gets
    special care and attention they deserve

    Ticoba assists you in developing a positive outlook on life and guiding your brain through the most difficult times in your mental health.

    For Better Welness & Hope
    Conditions We Address

    Group Therapy

    Will help you develop both socialization and communication skills. ...

    Couples Therapy

    Strengthen the relationships between the couple......

    Child Therapy

    Give positive affirmations and support kids as they learn....

    Stress at Work

    Identify the causes of an employee's work-related stress and get over that....

    Training for Parents

    Provides information for parents on the importance of early childhood development and for understanding their pivotal roles in the lives...

    Individual Coaching

    Can help one deal with many personal topics in life such as anger, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, marriage and relationship...
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    Group Therapy
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    Remove Depression
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    Help for parents
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