ticoba School

ticoba home school is an institution which using multidisciplinary approaches to uplift children who are facing difficulty in main stream education. Researches show alarmingly high prevalence of learning disorders in our state. Current scientific intervention programme for those who are suffering from learning disorders are inadequate to meet the felt needs.ticoba home school is a hub of experience, and expertise for unlocking the puzzle of learning disorders.


Equal opportunity for education, identifying and enhancing the strengths of the students, promoting creativity, aptitude based training, value based education and integrating students in mainstream education.


  • To give a stress free atmosphere for children with learning differences.
  • To render expertise services under one roof.
  • To enhance the self-esteem and strengths of differently abled children.
  • Empowering children with learning differences and put them in mainstream education.
  • To reassure and guide the parents to manage children with special needs.
  • To spread the awareness in the community about the felt needs of differently abled children.


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  • Educational placement.

    Baseline assessment for educational placement.

  • Curriculum

    Standardized curriculum for each age group.

  • Approach

    Multi sensory approach

  • Play therapy

    Specialized play therapy rooms.

  • Parent feedback

    Periodic parent feedback sessions.

  • Group therapy

    Group therapy sessions.

  • Intermittent refreshment.

    Intermittent refreshment.

  • Token exchange Programme.

    Token exchange Programme.

  • Visual lab

    A well equipped audio visual lab.

  • Class Room

    Modern and sound proof class room.

  • Yoga

    oga, Music, Drama, Dance, Art and Water Therapy.

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