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Various professionals and organizations have experimented, in their own respective areas of interest and specializations, on a variety of methodologies in a quest to find the optimal strategy of working with people to enhance their quality of life. There appears a need for a more global approach for identification and intervention in terms of an integrated multi-disciplinary style of working, effective management of support, and a more organized and structured framework of rehabilitation; and a system that will reflect the multicultural and multilingual nature of our community . ticoba Research and Training centre stands for providing a multi-faceted approach viz biological, psychological, and social assistance for the needy to modify the less productive life standards to a more fruitful and productive one. We stress on a multi-disciplinary approach including holistic and alternative therapies which focuses on broader dimensions of a particular problem.
  • To create, develop and apply methods and techniques for the betterment of people’s biological,psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical standards of living.
  • To render expertise services under one roof.
  • To reassure and guide the parents to manage children with special needs.
  • To spread the awareness in the community about the felt needs of differently abled children.
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    A team of experts and trainers from different strata facilities the planned intervention for the needy people. We provide services for children such as
    Speech Problems, Hyperactive, impulsive & inattentive, Learning difficulties, Forgetfulness and poor memory, Conduct problems, Anxiety problems, Psychosomatic problems, Bedwetting, sleep, feeding problems, tic etc
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    A team of experts and trainers from different strata facilities the planned intervention for the needy people. We provide services for adult such as
    1. Marital discord 2. Sexual dysfunctions and disorders 3. Addiction 4. Phobia, OCD 5. Adjustmental problems
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    We help your child to his/her full potential. Lets join together to create wings for their hopes.
    1. Scholastic counselling and career guidance
    2. Aptitude and interest assessment for children
    3. Interview and group discussion training
    4. Anxiety reduction program for fear of driving
    5. Assertiveness skill training program
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    Ticob have very professional team of Educators and Doctors. Our team includes
    1. Clinical psychology 2. Speech Theraphists 3. Learning disability specialists 4. Special Educators 5. Occupational Therapists 6. Dietician/Nutition Therapists 7. Yoga, Music, Drama, Dance and Art Therapists
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    The school has introduced various extra-curricular activities for the emotional, physical and interpersonal growth of the students. The following are some of the extra curricular activities offered by the school.
    1. Yoga Class
    2. Karate Coaching
    3. Music Class
    4. Dance Class
    5. Drama Coaching
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Our Program

Various types of learning problems are widely prevalent in community. The survey carried out in different parts of our state shown that some of the students have learning problems due to specific reasons. Such students are usually not considered to main stream education and will be labeled as intellectually backward in school. This type of labeling leads to serious consequences to student’s bio psychological domain of life. Even at his school environment, an independent existence is threatened.

It becomes practically impossible for anybody without a proper educational background to live in a literate society. For educational achievement, a sound cognitive and behavioral background is necessary. For imparting any type of education in children, a strong foundation is necessary. Unfortunately some of our children are not able to follow the normal system of education due to various types of cognitive, communicative and behavioral disorders.

A significant number of children suffering from various types of learning problems are seen and evaluated by our clinical psychologists, speech pathologists, special educators and learning disability specialists in our Training and Research Centre. Our team of professionals schedule a plan for the remedial management of the student. We feel that there is a need for proper educational plan for some of the children to develop all the domains of life and finally lead them to main stream education, for which a structured atmosphere is essential and this fact leads us to start a school. We hope all the parents of the needy will make avail these services and we assure a high quality of care for your ward.
  • To avail all the scientific resources for enhancing mental health.
  • To develop novel methods of comprehensive packages for specific psychological and educational betterment.
  • To create and develop training modules and applying the methodologies in order to mould the individual as trained professionals..

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