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Summer Camp

Comprehensive approach to develop academical, preceptual, cognitive and emotional skills.
Specfic Learning Patterns/Plans will be provided for needy children.
Air Condiotioned class room facilities and Lunch during sessions are also included in the package.
For adolescence specialized assessments and guidence will be provided for helping them to find out their aptitude and career choice
Classes will be held under the guidence of Clinical Psychologists, Psychologists, Special Educators, Well trained Care takers and various professionals from outside.

Introducing Drama Therapy

Drama Therapy involves intentional and systematic use of drama and theatrics processes to achieve healthy psychological growth and change

How can dramatherapy help me?

Provides healthy and creative ways for children to understand their experiences
Creates a positive self-esteem and healthy body image
Fosters empathy toward others and greater self-understanding
Expands communication and social skills
Enables children to feel proud of their creations and grow in confidence
To improve stress and anger management
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