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Our Story

TICOBA is an institution started in May 2009 at Thiruvananthapuram for promoting positive mental health. It is multidisciplinary institute for mental health care and educational prtomotion. Mental health problems are alarmingly high, especially among child and adolescent population, in kerala. Research in the feild of learning disorders showed a very high prevalence.This has raised concerns and stirred the interest of significant people like parents and allied health professionals, and all those related to the cause of improving the quality of life of these children. There has been some remarkable work in this Held with increasing awareness among parents, professionals and thge community in general. Lot of the focus has been on developing systems and resources to enhance the process of rehabilitating these children and include them in the mainstream society All the professionals are in agreement with the concept of promoting early intervention. There has also been an interesting increase in the involment of a range of health care professionals and educational authorities working with children. Over time, various professionals and organizations have experimented, in their own respective areas of interest and specializations, on a variety of methodologies in a quest to find the optimal strategy of working with children to enhance their quality of life. There appears a need for a more global approach for identification and intervention ibn terms of an integrated multidisciplinary style of working, effective management of support, and a more organized and structured framework of rehabilitation; and a system that will relect the multicultural and multilingual nature of our community: In spite of all the goodwill, hard work and dedication of the people involved, will still seem to be inadequately equipped to support this surge. There has emerged a need for a system that looks at individual needs of the child and support them when and where most required and help them sustain the skills they have learned, to cope within their community. Extented research has made it evident that every state of an individual such a physical, emotional, cognitive, literal and social is interlinked. This has increased the demands of a multi - disciplinary approach to intervention.
Multidisciplinary approach is a nut shell for planning education for children with various cognitive and behavioral disorders.

School Timing

Morning section 9am - 1pm
After school 5pm - 7.30pm

Open House

Parents-Teachers meetings are arranged periodically to evaluate the overall development of the students.

Dress Code

There will be a Formal Dress code for all the students of the school.
On all Fridays students can attend the school in informal dress.


E students who have difficulties in formal education are eligible for admission

Our Inspiration

Various types of learning problems are widely prevalent in tyhe community. The survey carried out in different parts of our state show that some of the students have learning probems due to specific reasons. Such students are usually not considered to main stream education and will be labeled as intellectually backward in school. This type of labeling leading to serious consequences to the student's bio - phychosocial domain of life. Even at his school enviornment, an indipendent existence is threatened.

Our Vision

Equal opportunity for education, identifying and enhancing the strengths of the students, promoting creativity; aptitude based training, value based education and integrating students in mainstream education.

Our Mission

To give a stress atmosphere for children with learning differences.
To render expertise services under one roof.
To enhance the self esteem and strengths of differently abled children.
Empowering children with learning differences and put them in mainstream education.
To reassure and guide the parents to manage children with special needs.
To spread the awareness in the community about the felt needs of differently abled children.

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